Modern Parents … Vintage Ways!

Modern Parents … Vintage Ways!


Or... How We Accidentally Started Our Sustainable Life!


Many years ago, I started a little blog (ethel loves fred) I used the term, ‘Modern Parents Vintage Ways’, to describe us.  I was making all my daughter’s clothes, with vintage fabrics, using vintage patterns, I used to sell them too! I sewed whilst she napped, it was a great outlet to have, breaking up those toddler days, I felt inspired and loved creating unique handmade clothes. ELF was primarily a Crafty- Mum-Blog.

Blogging wasn’t so much a business then, it was just an honest diary of sorts. A place to write about the everyday, and show off everything DIY!  We were a part of an ever growing hand made movement, it was exciting and humbling to be blogging along with such talented makers!  Many of you have followed my journey since those days, and likewise I’ve watched so many early bloggers creating their own small businesses, and doing what they love every day! The friendships that came from my blog are very much cherished to this day.

One of my favourite blog-along games was ‘Thrifty Tuesday’, we’d all show off our amazing, practical 2nd hand finds.  I loved looking at everyone’s beautiful Pyrex and crisp, colourful linens! It was a ‘Show and Tell’ for adults, great fun, but more, it was about creating and styling our lives around an ethos of ‘make do and mend’. Nothing shiny and new, but used, loved and sustainable.

So, I was thinking about this the other day, and it dawned on me, that 15 years ago, I was making the first steps into sustainability, without doing it on purpose, so to speak. It just felt right for us, this is the crux of any journey,  making your own way, and doing what intuitively feels right for you!

My nod to sustainability hadn’t yet included zero waste, and plastic free as such.  I was very interested in being a conscious consumer, and was acutely aware of fast fashion having a huge impact environmentally. An issue reaching crisis point at the moment. 

One thing lead to another, as is so often the case, and pretty soon, our waste consumption popped to the forefront of my mind.  And once you have the thought, what follows, invariably is educating yourself as much as you can. Challenge accepted!

Our waste and our consumption, globally, is at tipping point right now.  We’ve made and are using, plastic products that last 800 years or so, and throwing them away after a single use!  Its alarming,  the impact these plastics have, both in landfills and in our oceans is devastating. 

Unless we change our attitude to this kind of waste, things will only get worse for future generations. So whether you are just having the realisation that you can be the change that drives our future in a more positive and sustainable way, or you are interested in making small changes to your daily habits, the fact that you are here and reading this, is heartening. Because it really is all about everyone coming together on the issue of waste and our precious environment.

Switching out plastic products as they expire is a great place to start, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, plastic cups and straws, these basic everyday items can all be switched to eco friendly alternatives, switches will make a difference, it will change things. 

Finding your own sustainable groove will become a habit, and before you know it, you’ve already saved hundreds of items from landfill, or from finding their way into our waterways.  It’s a feel good movement, just like the handmade movement, that ultimately ends up being bigger than us alone.  The ground swell is happening now, and it’s an exciting wave to be on! For me personally, I couldn’t have taken my family on a better ride.  The rewards far out weigh any perceived ‘convenience’!

David Attenborough Says it best: 

“Cherish the Natural World, because you’re part of it and you depend on it”.



If you feel like a trip-trap through my old blog, here’s a link:

Disclaimer: Technology has come a LONG way!!

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