AMALA Magic Sponge Cloth 100% Biodegradable 3 Pack

by Amala

Amala’s magic sponge cloth is the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning cloth available. It can be used on all surfaces to remove dirt and dust and will leave no scratches or streaks. One cloth absorbs 20 times its weight in water and quickly releases liquids by simply wringing it out. This cloth reaches almost anywhere you clean due to its soft, flexible and strong material. our sponge cloth is extremely durable and is tear- and abrasion-resistant. It is reusable and can be washed up to 300 times with a soft detergent.

Amala’s magic sponge cloth is made using a patented process from a three-dimensional blending of cellulose, which is the most abundant organic polymer on earth, non-GMO unbleached cotton, and mirabilite – a natural mineral salt. during production, the mirabilite is washed out, leaving the remaining blend (70% cellulose & 30% cotton) extremely porous, which makes the sponge cloth extra absorbent. our sponge cloth is made of 100% renewable resources and is fully biodegradable. A single cloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels, is reusable and is washable many times. All of this combined helps reduce waste materials going to landfill.

Before using, rinse thoroughly under warm running water, and wring out excess water to increase absorbency. You can use water and soap, dish liquid, disinfectants as well as any household cleaners. do not use chlorine bleach or chlorine products. After using, rinse thoroughly, squeeze, and leave flat to dry. to kill bacteria, the damp sponge cloth can be microwaved daily for 1-2 minutes to keep it sterilized. The cloth can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher, or a washing machine with normal loads using soft detergent. air dry after washing, do not tumble dry. 

Uses: sinks, appliances, countertops, granite, dishes, glassware, metal, silverware, stoves, all surfaces, shelves, staircase handles, furniture, computers, TVs, windows, dust, spills, sinks, toilets, bathtub, vanity, shower, taps & fixtures, tiles, ceramic, linoleum, marble, stone surfaces, fibreglass, picks up hair & makeup, camping, cars, boats, garden furniture, outdoor use, yoga mats. **Not for aquarium use**

Made in Germany.