SUPERCHARGED FOOD Love Your Gut Powder Diatomaceous Earth 100g

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With all the benefits of the original Love Your Gut powder and more! • Ideal trial size • Compact and great for travel • Totally totable • Great for the top drawer at work • Small on the kitchen bench • Gift the love to a friend For Digestive and Gut Health 1. A gentle cleanse for the gut 2. Rich in silica and minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium 3. Raw wholefood 4. A pH of 8: helps to create a healthy alkaline environment in the body 5. Anti-bloating 6. Low sodium: reduces blood pressure Super rich in absorbable iron • Meet your daily iron needs naturally • Reduces tiredness and fatigue • Supports brain health and function Directions: Easy to use, minimal taste, mixes easily in drinks and food Mix 1-2 level tablespoons (2g) twice daily into water, juice, smoothies or add to meals Ingredient: Naturopathic grade, organic Fossil shell flour (amorphous silica)